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Capitalizing on the Unique Qualities

We are composed of an innovative and energetic team serving publishing companies since 2007. We've opened our doors to authors last 2016 and have been finding advanced and fresh routes of enhancing and accelerating the author’s publishing process.

We respond to every conceivable publishing and marketing need in the industry and ensure that readers of these books published can access writing they might never find in their local bookshop.

In case you’ve noticed, things have changed.

Black Lacquer makes certain that our authors wake up every day thinking that the glass is half-full. We are driven to extend our services all the time and commit to filling that glass to the brim. Now that is cause for celebration. At Black Lacquer, we offer complete publishing solutions plus an array of book marketing campaigns that enable authors to launch a highly effective book marketing campaign at affordable rates.


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If books shape, save and challenge the world, authors can only dream of having one published at their own momentum. We invite you to learn everything you need to know here at Black Lacquer Press.