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The path to publishing your book has been reinvented to pave the way for Black Lacquer authors who want to present their story in the most unique way possible. We publish books in all genres and don’t require advances for printing thousands of copies, warehousing them, or handling distribution.
Choose your own publishing adventure.




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Take full advantage of our effective and cost-efficient marketing programs that provides extensive mileage to your book. Whether fast, quick or progressive, our marketing services have well-defined routes that expand your horizons and connect you to your target audience.

Book Reviews

  • Blue Ink Regular
  • Blue Ink Expedited
  • Clarion Regular
  • Kirkus Regular
  • Kirkus Expedited

Book Exhibit Events

  • Regional Show
  • National Show
  • International Show
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Book Signing

  • LA Times Festival of Books
  • Word on The Street Toronto
  • Miami Book Fair International

Publicity Marketing

  • The Newswire
  • New Media Publicist
  • Newsmaker Publicist
  • Online Newsmaker Publicist
  • Global Publicist

Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Web Design
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Seach Engine Marketing

Magazine Advertising

  • NYRB
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Pub Weekly
  • Ingram

Video Advertising

  • Video Trailer
  • Book to Full Length
  • Book Animations


Improve readability by enhancing the quality of your book with the help of our copyeditors. Our in-house editors will remodel and revamp your book to that of a bestselling author’s stamp.


Boost your book’s marketability with our add on services that help heighten and amplify your self publishing experience. From formatting to design, we can review the small details for you and customize your publishing service with these add ons.