Video Advertising

Bring your book to life

Watch how your book will suddenly have a life of its own with Black Lacquer's Video Book Marketing Services. This new media of book promotions foster deeper connections between readers and authors as it continues to deliver your message 24/7. Keep your name visible in an overcrowded book publishing industry as our video book marketing services allow authors to reach the widest audience possible.

Capitalizing on fresh & unique material

Book trailers have become increasingly popular especially when they catch the attention of agents, producers, directors, writers, and actors who are out looking for fresh material.

Transforming by design

Turn your characters to life with Black Lacquer's book to screen marketing service. Our team will develop your book into full length feature films or a television series with digital content.

Imaginations that extend across different media

See an animated version of your book worldwide on TV, in theaters, on DVDs, Youtube and the web. Our team of screenwriters will develop your characters and translate your children's book into compelling storyboards complete with sound effects and effective voice over audio.


Like Our Work?

Black Lacquer Press’ roster of Public Relation Directors (PR) are qualified publicists who has had a substantial amount of experience in marketing author’s books and other media.